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We just love cake pops!

 Urban Sugar® is an in-home bakery located in Waukee, Iowa. It started as a fun baking hobby and quickly turned into a "side- hustle" when friends and family loved our cake pops so much that they suggested we make a business out of it! We have been proudly hand-crafting cake pops and cake balls for the Des Moines Metro area as well as for customers nationwide since 2011. 


The fine print:

Each Urban Sugar® cake pop & cake ball is hand rolled dipped, decorated and wrapped. Please place your order 1 week prior to delivery/pickup date. Bulk and custom orders may require longer notice due to quantity or decor detail. The shipping fee is a standard $10 per dozen unless quantity exceeds 2 dozen whereas the shipping cost is calculated after the product is packaged for shipping and customer assumes all shipping costs. If you live in the Des Moines Metro area and would like to arrange a pick up we can do so. Payment of cash, credit (via Square),or check accepted. We can also invoice via PayPal. 

Returned/bounced checks = $50 fee

Urban Sugar does not guarantee or refund any damaged or delayed shipments and products. Urban Sugar® is not responsible for goods damaged or delayed due to weather, due to the recipient not being at the shipping destination at the time of delivery, or due to the product being left outside in warm or hot temperatures. We do ship with ice packs during the warm months.

    Due to the perishable nature of the cake pops & cake truffles they should be stored in the refrigerator. They can be stored up to 2 weeks refrigerated, longer if frozen, however they are so tasty that they usually don't last long!

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